(Pooja Dubey, Intern Journalist)Despite a dispute between China and the US, US President Donald Trump has expressed a desire to create a corona vaccine with China and other countries. Donald Trump said, “we are ready to work with whoever will bring the good and best results of the Corona vaccine to us.”

xi jinping and donald trump

The statement came from Donald Trump when the Trump administration was asked if the US would like to work with China first if China prepares the corona vaccine first. US President Donald Trump has spoken of cooperating with any country. Donald Trump made this statement when a researcher reported that China’s Corona Vaccine Cancino Biologics Inc (6185.HK) has been found to be safe and has shown immune responses in most subjects.

For a long time, US President Donald Trump has been cursing China for spreading corona. Coronavirus from Wuhan city of China Started and spread in many countries including the US, 140,000 people have died in the US due to the virus. Donald Trump said, “America is expected to get good results soon, more testing in American Is happening.”

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