(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): The possibility of congestion in bus stations, railway stations, and markets has also increased after Lockdown Unlock-1, in such a situation the identification of corona infected among the crowd may be difficult but students of Hartcourt Butler Technical University have made it easy. The virtual reality box created by HBTU students will now identify the corona infected even in the crowd.

Ones with high temperature would be easily caught:-

Highly infected people now can be easily identified at railway stations, bus stands, or other crowded places. A person will wear a thermal camera and a mobile-connected virtual reality box on the eye along with the PPE kit and full protection. The thermal camera’s range would be 5-7 meters. With the help of infrared technology, people with high temperatures could be identified amidst the crowd and they will be sidelined and intensive investigation will be done. This will go a long way in preventing corona infection.

Idea sent to Innovation and Incubation Cell:-

The prototype model of the virtual reality box has been designed by Swapnil Tripathi, a first-year student of information technology of HBTU, and Pradyuman of Electronics Engineering. They have given the idea to the Innovation and Incubation Cell. They are also involved in making affordable designs of thermal cameras. Experts from the university have called for the prototype model. It will be presented to the government for examining.

How will it work?

Students reported that thermal cameras can be mounted with helmets or shoulders. It will be connected to mobile with lead, while mobile will be connected to the virtual reality box. The thermal camera will take a video of the crowd and send it to the mobile. It will be easily seen through the video box on the mobile. Any person with a high temperature will be identified. The thermal camera’s pricing ranges from about Rs 8000-10000. The VR box is available for Rs 300 to 400.

The effect to occur in a few seconds:-

Incharge Proc of Innovation and Incubation Cell-Narendra Kohli said that the video which will come in the thermal camera would clear the entire situation in seconds. A prototype model of the students is being developed. Students are preparing cheaper thermal cameras. After developing models and techniques, they can be started. The concept is quite good. Many people could be examined at the same time.

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