Ugadi is a famous festival in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana regions. It is celebrated with joy and fervor. The locals believed this period to be Auspicious for the people making new beginnings. Ugadi is portmanteau of the word ‘Yuga’(generation) and ‘Adi’ (beginnings) as it has a belief that Lord Brahma has created the Earth on this day.

On this day families get together and pray to deities and have a fest. On this day people decorate their house with colorful Rangoli, flowers, and mango leaves. The festival significant event is the reading of Panchangam or the Hindu calendar with lists of events for the prayer. On this day the specialty dish prepared are Bevu Bella, Holige, Hesaru Bele Payasa, and Mavinayaaki Chitranna.

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