Lucknow Fish For Mosquito: Mosquitoes have endangered almost every country in the world. The rush of patients suffering from diseases like fever, diarrhoea, dengue, malaria, especially during the rainy season is proof of this. To avoid this, common people including the government adopt various measures.

This special mosquito is a treatment for mosquitoes
However, this time the medical department has made special preparations to eliminate the dengue and malaria mosquito before it can flourish. Gambusia fish will help in this expedition. The department will release these fish in such clean water, where mosquito larvae can thrive. These fish will prevent the mosquitoes from flourishing by making the larvae their own food. Also, preparations are being made to change the medicine to kill mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes begin to breed as soon as it starts raining. In addition to ponds, mosquitoes that thrive in full water cause diseases like dengue and malaria to spread. So this time the medical department has decided to leave Gambusia fish in ponds and clear water. These fish have also been released in many districts. It has also reduced the number of dengue patients. For this reason, this experiment will also be done in Gautam Buddha Nagar. Mosquito larvae are the favourite food of this fish.

Dengue cases have increased in the last two years

In 2017, the number of dengue patients was just 13. It more than doubled to 28 in 2018. In view of this, the Malaria Department has decided to order Gambusia fish.

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