Lucknow: Sakshi Mishra is once again in the discussion after the marriage episode of Bareilly’s very popular Sakshi Mishra and Ajitesh Kumar. The video was released on social media in anticipation of danger after Sakshi Mishra married boyfriend Ajitesh Kumar.

Now he has complained to CM Yogi Adityanath. The daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra alias Pappu Bharatoul from Bithri Chainpur in Bareilly has complained to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that some people are defaming his father as well as in-laws.

Sakshi Mishra has complained ont the Chief Minister Janasunwai portal. Sakshi said that misinformation was being spread about her MLA father and in-laws. It should be stopped.

Sakshi Mishra, who has been missing from social media for several days after marriage, is once again in the headlines. Sakshi Mishra, daughter of BJP MLA, has filed a complaint on the portal of CM Yogi Adityanath on Monday. He has said in this that his family should not be discredited.

This time, he has denied the news circulating on social media about him and his family members and sought to stop it from airing.

Complaint on Jansunwai portal Sakshi Mishra has complained on the Chief Minister Jansunwai portal along with the names of some YouTube channels. In the complaint, he said that by spreading false information against my maternal uncle, he is being defamed.

Till now Sakshi had been speaking against her father. This time he has spoken in favor of his father and others of his maternal side.
In the complaint, Sakshi said that I am Sakshi Mishra wife Ajitesh Kumar daughter Rajesh Kumar Mishra MLA 123 Bithri Chainpur Bareilly.

It is requested that false news is being circulated on social media against my in-laws and my maternal side, which is spoiling the atmosphere of the country. My father’s political life is also being affected.

Sakshi Mishra said in the complaint that chaos is also spreading in the country. Even now the concoction is being made. Due to this, we are facing difficulties. I now want to live in peace with my husband.

Which is facing difficulty. Please take appropriate action so that I and my in-laws can live as independent citizens.

Sakshi Mishra, daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra from Bareilly, suddenly disappeared from her home on July 3. After this, he married Love with Ajitesh. On July 10, both of them had released their videos on social media, threatening their lives. On July 11, Sakshi released another video, exposing her father Rajesh Mishra, brother Vicky Bharataul and close to her father Rajiv Rana. Both the videos had gone viral and the case caught on a lot.

After this, they were given protection on the instructions of Allahabad High Court.

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