Two things have become quite common at the moment on online streaming platforms. First – that the content of three to four hours is broken into several parts and made into a web series. Secondly, if you want to hit, then adopt crime, violence, abuse, and native formula. In the second case, many series have been well-liked. Such as Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Mirzapur’, Zee-5’s ‘Rangbaaz’, and Netflix’s ‘Sacred Games‘.

Now adopting these two formulas, MX Player has brought its new web series ‘Raktanchal’. The story of crime in Uttar Pradesh is also inspired by the true incident. Ritam Srivastava has tried to build web series on this formula. Let’s know how successful he has been in this.

There was a time when Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh was called the crime stronghold of Purvanchal. The case was of contractualism then. Liquor Contracting, Coal Contracting, and Railway Contracting. On the strength of Katta, many Bahubali wanted to gain supremacy. One such story is ‘Raktanchal’. Wasim Khan, a Bahubali from Ghazipur, who has political support in Purvanchal. On this basis, he has dominated many trades involving fraud. His jaggery Ghazipur kills a local leader, who is fighting a workers’ fight against Thekdar. Vijay Singh, the son of this local leader also plunges into the swamp of crime in the fire of revenge. He takes on Wasim Khan on every front. In this war of guns and guns, the corpses start to pile up. In the end, you have to watch the web series to find out who is dominating.

What is special

The most special is its story. The story of how a normal boy becomes a needless criminal is shown. For example, the Zee-5 series has been shown in ‘Rangbaz’ and ‘Rangbaz Phir’. Apart from the story, director Ritam is successful in the matter that by watching the web series, you feel Purvanchal. You find the ghat, sand contracts, and sometimes the language is exactly the same. The story seems to be going on around Varanasi, Ghazipur, and Jaunpur.

Actor Kranti Prakash Jha plays Vijay Singh. His style and look closely resembles that of Bahubali. His acting also seems fine, but nowhere does the moment with a wow. Acting of Vikram Kochhar, Pramod Pathak, and Chittaranjan Tripathi, who appeared in small characters made it worth seeing. Especially in the role of Shanky Pandey, you want to see Vikram again and again.

Where is the deficiency

It is not that you also get the same formula hit, which others can do. In the story of crime, not only can you tell the story, but it is also necessary to create interest. Right here, this web series weakens. The research of the authors is good, but they do not get into the depths of crime. The matter is simply a matter of Wasim vs Vijay.

Nikitan Dhir’s acting is the second biggest weakness of this web series. In such criminal biography, there is no hero. But you have to create harmony with the lead character. Like it happens with Faizal Khan in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. However, Faizal was lucky to have Ramadhir Singh in the case. For this, the villain needs to be strong. Nikitan Dheer, even once, is not able to die in the role of Wasim Khan.
Neither his face gets emotion nor he can catch the tone of Purvanchal. Nikitan Dheer Chennai Express’s ‘Thangabali’ sounds more.
The dialogues of such criminal series should also be tremendous. As you can see in ‘Mirzapur’. The author of ‘Raktanchal’ falls weak here. There is absolutely no sign of dialogue in his abuse. A couple of tries have been made, but that is quite average.

In the end

If you have seen web series like Narcos, Mirzapur, and Rangbaz, then you are going to find it very weak. However, if you want to see Purvanchal’s crime, then Raktanchal is right for him. Its story is also known to those who know Purvanchal.
Overall, an attempt has been made to make veg biriyani with fixed spices and vegetables, but in the end, the matter remains tehri.

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