(Namita Pradhan, Intern Journalist) North Korea; North Korea has continued its working on nuclear program and many countries believed that Pyongyang has made a gain in the production of ballistic missiles which is attach with small nuclear devices. According to the report of confidential United Nations (UN) report.

According  to a report prepared by the UN independent panel experts, who are charged with the monitoring sanction enforcement and efficacy. Said the unnamed countries believe North Korea have developed miniaturized nuclear devices to fit into the warhead of the ballistic missiles.”

The report has concluded that North Korea has remained in Violation from the UN sanction, which was circulated to 15-nation Security Council. UN diplomats who spoke on the anonymity condition.

The report has stated that North Korea is continuing its work on nuclear weapon, adding the productivity of the highly enriched Uranium and construction of an experiment of light water reactor.

A last year report from the UN has stated that North Korea has generated $2 billion through cyberattacks to plunder banks and cryptocurrency exchanges. The report has indicated that the country is probing Security Council countries in cyberattacks.

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