(Geetesh Ujjainwal, Intern Journalist) In Bihar, the Neonatal Mortality rate (NMR) is decreased by 3%. According to the 2018 report of the sample registration survey of Bihar’s state health society, NMR is decreased by 3 points. In 2017 the neonatal mortality rate (NMR) was 28 and in 2018 it was reduced to 25. NMR directly affects the IMR. In 2017, IMR was 35 which was later decreased to 32 because of the drop in 3 points.

Now Bihar’s NMR has reached near to the country’s NMR (23). Now NMR (26) of Bihar’s rural areas is one point behind rural India’s NMR (27). For 7 years Bihar’s NMR was almost stable. It recorded a decrease of three points in the year 2018. In IMR gender discrimination has also reduced, in 2016 gender discrimination was 15 but in 2018 it was reduced to 5.

This report also states that there is a reduction of one point in IMR. In 2018, the IMR was decreased by 4 points and in 2017 the rate was 41, which was reduced to 37. This report represents that the prenatal infant mortality rate, which was 24 in 2017, reduced in 2018 to 22 with a decrease in 2 points. From this, it can be estimated that in the context of 2017, an estimated 9739 newborns and 12985 children under the age of five years could be prevented during 2018 with reference to the reduction in mortality rate.

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