MHRD and AICTE had sought innovative ideas from all technical institutes The model of low-cost residential water flow meter prepared by the students of MIT (Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology) has been selected as the top project in the country. The Ministry of Human Resource Development will assist Rs 4.50 lakh to make it commercially viable. It will be sent to the incubation center. This decision will be made by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and MHRD. External water meters are still used. It costs 30-40 thousand rupees for its purchase. After preparing the model of the students, this advanced model will be ready only in 3-4 thousand. MIT’s Civil Department Prof. Akash Priyadarshi told that this model would also prevent water wastage. Innovative ideas were sought from all technical institutions in the country on behalf of MHRD and AICTE. In this, students from IITs, NITs, and engineering colleges to medical colleges sent their ideas. In this, the model sent by the students of MIT has first place, leaving everyone behind. MIT is the only engineering college in Bihar to achieve this feat. MHRD has released a ranking of 17 selected models. MIT has the first rank in this. MIT Principal Dr. JN Jha congratulated the students and teachers for this achievement and said that the college has made its move towards research.

New model of students will also prevent water wastage

The process of getting this model prepared by students has been started. Pro. Akash Priyadarshi told that the model of the students would prevent water wastage. There is often a waste of water from public places to government buildings. Groundwater levels can be prevented from going down by preventing water wastage. Mentor said that the process of patenting the model has been started. As such, the model’s mentor did not make its technical aspects public. Told that the device can be mounted on the pipe. This will give information about leakage.

The project was in the top-5 in the country at the First Annual Innovation Festival

Last year, the project was selected in the top-5 of the country at the First Annual Innovation Festival of MHRD and AICTE in Delhi. Now, this model will be upgraded more. Team mentor Prof. Akash Priyadarshi, Prof. Ashish, Prof. Mohit Kumar.

Students in the team

(The team is known as Suvana)

Ankit Jha IT

Aditya Ku Thakur Civil

Supriya Bharti Electronic Communication

Utpal Kant Electrical

Vidya Kumari Electrical

Nelson Rani Electrical

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