(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Agra: The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation is in a hurry to earn that much, which is why the metro line in Agra in Uttar Pradesh is not ready yet and the advertisement rates have been announced.
This is what it looks like after seeing the recently announced rates. Metro work in Agra had passed a long time ago but the work could not start. After the formation of the BJP government, the metro work in Agra gained momentum and work started rapidly. The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation has set rates for shooting films inside metro coaches and at stations’ locations. There will be a rent of Rs 2 lakh per hour for shooting in coach. A maximum of eight hours of shooting can be done at the stations in eight months and 12 hours in a year. After the Metro started, the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation has found ways to earn from items other than travel fares.

According to the Rail Corporation, the first corridor, 14 km from Sikandra to Taj Mahal East Gate, is set to start six stations by December 2022. At the same time, the metro will start in the entire city by 2025. It will cost around Rs 8300 crore to start the metro across the city. The UPMRC official said that by 2025, there is an estimated income of about 550 crores. In this, 480 crore rupees will be received from the fare of the passengers. About 70 crore rupees will be received from advertising, film shooting, telecom cable license, parking, and other items. The fare for advertising and other items will increase by five to 15 percent.

Rate of rent in advertisement and other items

  • Advertising panel, inside the train and at the station: 2000 rupees per square meter / per month (growth percentage at the rate of every year).
  • Rental of Kiosk: Rs. 614 per square meter / per month (incremental percentage every year).
  • Parking fee at station: Rs 20 less than six hours, Rs 30 less than 12 hours, then according to vehicle and time slot (increase 15 percent every three years)
  • Shooting of film: 2 lakhs per hour inside the coach, eight hours at the station once in eight months (increase 5 percent every year).
  • Telecom cable license fees: Rs 2000 per month for full track and Rs 50 thousand per month for underground section.
    (10 percent increase every two years).
  • Telecom tower license fee: 15 thousand rupees per month for elevated station.
    (10 percent increase every two years).

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