Suparna Ghosh (Intern Journalist), Kolkata: The city endorsed showers along with thunder and lightning yesterday. Some areas in the North got waterlogged and the climate still seems to be cloudy. Earlier in 2019, Kolkata was said to be the driest in a decade and hence the monsoon wasn’t satisfying, unlike this year.

According to reports from Regional Meteorological Centre(RMC), Kolkata in this monsoon received 190.2 mm rain between June 12 and June 26. Probably the onset of monsoon was seen on 12 of June, considering it to be on time.

Some kind of depression on the eastern coast is likely to bring moderate showers in some pockets of Kolkata, while the minimum temperature remains to be 29°C and the maximum temperature nears to 31°C.

With people gladly welcoming monsoon shower, August is said to receive the heaviest rainfall in the whole year, unquestionably making it a boon during these desperate times.

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