IRCTC to distribute compensation of Rs 1.75 lakh among 700 passengers of Tejas
Lucknow: The breakdown of the Over Head Electric (OHE) line on Friday night at Aamasi railway station affected the trains till Saturday morning. By the time train operations resumed at 4 am, 47 trains had been affected. Tejas Express also reached Lucknow Junction by diesel engine after standing at Amausi for three hours. 700 passengers were traveling in this train. Under IRCTC’s policy, IRCTC will pay damages of Rs 250 to each passenger.
For this, IRCTC will send a link to claim damages on the registered mobile phone number of the passengers. The OHE line was broken at 9:35 pm on Friday night at Amausi station. Tejas Express coming from New Delhi stopped. Upon receiving the information, the Railway’s Electricity Section employees reached the spot. In the meantime, the trains stopped before Kanpur till stations like Bhimsen and Chakeri.

Even when the trains left from Lucknow, they were stuck around Amausi. After standing in Amausi for four hours, Tejas could reach Lucknow Junction at 1.30 pm. This train left Lucknow late by two hours on Saturday. Due to this, Tejas was delayed by one and a half hours from New Delhi on Saturday. Pushpak Express was delayed by one and a half hours till it reached Unnao.
Where are the trains standing: Lucknow Arrival Gomti Express in Amausi from 9:29 pm to 3:15 am, Champaran Humsafar Sonic from 10:25 pm to 4 am, Anand Vihar-Mau Express in Magarwara at 11:52 pm Standing from o’clock in the morning till 3:45 am. Mahakal Express reached Kanpur at 10:54 PM but in Lucknow, this train could arrive at 4:55 AM.

Sabarmati Express arrived at Kanpur at 11:38 pm but Lucknow at 5:20 am, Marudhar Express reached Ambiyapur at 11:36 pm but Lucknow this train could get at 7:50 am on Saturday. Similarly, Anand Vihar Gorakhpur Humsafar Express could arrive at Kanchausi at 12:11 pm and arrive Saturday at 7:25 am with a delay of about five hours.
This is the rule of IRCTC: Tejas is the first corporate train in the country. IRCTC has made a rule to compensate for the delay of this train. If the train is late by an hour, IRCTC will pay a compensation of Rs 100 per passenger. Whereas the train is late by more than two hours, then the passenger has to pay a compensation of Rs 250. Apart from this, IRCTC also covers the luggage of passengers.

IRCTC also pays damages if the baggage of the passenger is stolen while traveling on the train. IRCTC Chief Regional Manager Ajit Kumar Sinha says the link is being sent to compensate the passengers. As soon as they apply, the credit and debit card with which they have made the ticket. There will be damages in that.

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