(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): Iraqi security forces have started questioning the Islamic State (IS) militant and its top leader Nasir Kardash. Iraqi security forces hope that Kardash may provide some important clues about the IS organization. The Iraqi security forces took terrorist Kardash into their possession on Wednesday. He is taking over as the top leader of the organization following the assassination of IS mastermind Abu Al Baghdadi.

Expected to get the organization’s databank:-

Iraqi security forces hope that it has important information about the IS organization. It can have an organization’s databank. Therefore, his capture is a big setback for IS. Iraqi Security Forces spokesperson Rasul alleged that Kardash was active in Iraq for a long time. He remained a challenge to Iraqi forces. He was involved in terrorist conspiracy across the country by joining the sleeper cell of IS. The Iraqi military has been sharing information about IS operations with Syria, Iran, and Russia.

What is the Islamic state?

Al Qaeda is certainly the world’s biggest name in the field of terrorism, but the Islamic State has become a devil. This organization is also known as ISIS. This terrorist organization has formed its government by occupying northern Iraq and western Syria. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is the top leader of the Islamic organization. This organization is so violent and barbaric that even Al Qaeda has condemned it. This terrorist organization consists of fighters from all over the world, the largest number of British Muslims.

The dreaded terrorist Baghdadi killed:-

US President Donald Trump announced on October 28, 2019, that the Islamic State’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by the US Special Forces during an operation. Trump had stated that Baghdadi caused great harm to the world. He said that he created a global chain of terrorism, the Internet as an extension of his terror, exported terrorism to many countries of the world, brainwashed thousands of youth, and turned them into terrorists.

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