(Kajal Singh, intern journalist): Pyongyang, agency. By now, the world has been shrouded in mystery by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong Un appeared on Friday amid speculation about his death. Kim Jong appeared at a public show after three weeks.

He participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony of a phosphatic fertilizer factory. His sister Kim Yo Jong and several senior officials also participated in the dictator’s event. Significantly, Kim Jong-un was not seen after the Politburo meeting on 11 April. After this, many speculations were being made about Kim. On Friday, the media shared a few pictures of him and put an end to all speculation.
Kim Jong revealed amid speculation

Let me tell you that there was a period of speculation in many media after being missing from the country and the world for many days. Many claims were being made about Kim Jong Ki’s health. In some reports, it was being said that the dictators are going through a very delicate situation after the surgery. At the same time, it is being said that his brain is dead. However, these speculations cannot be confirmed.

What did Taiwan’s intelligence chief claim
The Taiwanese intelligence chief claimed that Kim Jong-un was seriously unwell. Not only this, it was further said that the emergency plan to choose a new leader in his place is going on fast. A number of claims have been made over the past few days regarding Kim Jong’s health, but no claims have been confirmed. Some reports about Kim Jong Un claimed that he may have died, but reports from several other countries, including South Korea, stated that Kim Jong Un was alive. Such speculation occurred because North Korea is notorious for hiding its information from the world. This is why Kim Jong Un is unable to come out with the correct information about them.

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